Part of being a good hunter and marksman is having the survival skills of a good woodsman. To be a good woodsman one must “be prepared” for mishaps. Catastrophe and disaster can happen to anyone, at anytime, by many different means. The problem is, MOST PEOPLE, DON’T THINK THAT DISASTER CAN HAPPEN TO THEM !! 
An earthquake, or other type of natural disaster can wipe out and reduce greatly our standard of living (comfort) in one day. Help from the agencies can be slow or even late getting to you. This was painfully obvious during Hurricanes Katrina, and Andrew. Just driving in a desert region or during winter months and breaking down can mean serious trouble for the unprepared. Few people ever plan for getting lost or being in an outdoor mishap. That is why these survival skills are provided to you, the serious Hunter, Hiker, Traveler, Outdoor Enthusiast.

Think of the acronym, ‘PLAN ‘ (Provide Locations/Life-sustaining essentials And Necessary (Itinerary/contact info) for EVERY outing, or distant trip. Always carry a survival kit. A supply of food, water and tools will allow you to survive for a PRE-determined amount of time.

If you find yourself having to spend the night, stay calm, assess the situation. Get started on a shelter (lean-to, snow cave, debris hut), and a small controllable fire, have much wood around if available. Build your shelter early, 4 to 5 hours before the sun sets. This is important in a winter emergency setting.

Be prepared to burn tires on your vehicle if necessary, let air out, and start with the spare. Take a tire off car as needed. Use a small amount of gasoline and a match, light paper or larger material, or battery / jumper cables (sparks). A tire will burn for 12+ hours putting out heat and black smoke (signal). Or you can use this survival tip.

SURVIVAL TIP: Get and Keep a good Quality Electric Blanket that runs off the lighter outlet in your car. Also burning a candle inside the car is a great way to stay warm, and the flame is easy to monitor and control!

Other tips: