As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is safe and secure. But what happens if the unthinkable occurs? What if they get separated from you in the wild? That is something that every parent worries about, but it shouldn’t stop you from teaching your children how to survive. This blog post will discuss some of the things you can teach your child to survive in the wild that could save their life one day.

Teach Them To Be More Attentive

One of the most important things you can teach your child is being more attentive. That means being aware of their surroundings and taking notice of potential dangers. Teach them to be alert and knowledgeable to avoid dangerous situations or take necessary precautions if needed.

Fire Lessons Come in Handy

Another important thing you can teach your child is how to start a fire. This skill could come in handy if they find themselves stranded in the wilderness. Make sure to show them how to use different types of materials to create a flame, such as sticks, tinder, and kindling. It would help if you also taught them how to keep a fire going by adding new fuel and stirring the embers.

Take Them for Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a great survival skill to have, as it could help them stay afloat in water. It can also help kids conserve energy, as swimming is an excellent form of exercise. In addition, swimming lessons can teach your child how to be safe near water, as well as how to swim. 

You can choose from various classes and schools that offer swimming lessons for children of all ages. You can also get equipment from reliable stores like Dip ‘N Dive to ensure a great time during the lessons.

Learning to stay safe near water is also crucial in helping kids learn survival skills. It’s easy enough to have them play on the beach or go boating with family members, but they must know what safety precautions they need to take when playing near such bodies of water. 

For example, teach your child about currents, waves, and undertows, so they know what not to do if those things were ever caught up in their path while playing by the shoreline. Also, teach them which creatures live in these waters (such as jellyfish) because they may come across one unexpectedly and want to investigate it.

Hunting and Archery

Kids love to play games, and they can even enjoy participating in real-life versions of their favorite. So if you want them to learn the basics of survival skills such as hunting and archery, turn it into a fun game for everyone involved. 

There’s no need to go on any long camping trips or try deep-sea fishing; instead, use your backyard and set up an obstacle course with targets where you can test out bows and arrows. Your little one will be having too much fun learning how vital these outdoor skills are!

Self-Protection Skills Are Vital

As a parent, you should teach your child how to defend themselves in case of an attack. This includes knowing how to use weapons and self-defense techniques. Additionally, it is crucial to know your surroundings and when to leave a dangerous situation. Teach your child these skills early on, so they can protect themselves when necessary.

It is also crucial that your child knows how to stay safe while outdoors. Teach them about poisonous plants and animals and how to read maps and find their way home if lost. In addition, please make sure they are familiar with the area where they live or are visiting, so they can avoid dangerous areas and take appropriate precautions when necessary. With proper preparation, your child can survive safely in almost any situation.


Now that you have armed your child with the basic skills they need to survive in the wild, it is important to continue practicing these skills and keep them sharp. The best way to do this is by taking family camping trips and hikes; this will give your child a chance to use their new skills in a real-life situation while also having fun.