TenPoint Titan Xtreme Review – Compound Crossbow

TenPoint Titan Xtreme ReviewKEY STATS:

  • Speed: 333fps
  • Draw Weight: 180 lbs
  • Crossbow Weight: 7.3 lbs
  • Type: Compound

TenPoint Titan Xtreme Review:

The TenPoint Titan Extreme Crossbow is a new affordable crossbow manufactured by TenPoint. It has an innovative design and high-quality build finish like the other crossbows made by TenPoint and features a new stock that helps to improve aiming. It has also been made sturdy and very safe so that it is very unlikely that you may harm yourself while shooting with it.

A great characteristic of the Titan Xtreme crossbow is how low the weight is, which results from the new lighter material used in making the crossbow. The crossbow also features new Fusion Lite stock, which is longer, 5lbs lighter than the original Fusion stock and narrower, which means you can aim for longer and get a more accurate shot. Another great feature is the 3x Pro-View Scope that can allow particularly clean and swift shots up to 20 yards. You can use the scope to shoot up to 50 yards, but at this range, your accuracy might not be perfect. Of course, if you are skilled enough, you will still be landing perfect shots at this distance and with this scope. Between the low weight and lean shape of the crossbow, you can almost guarantee that it will fit any body shape, which means it is a great universal crossbow.

The Tenpoint Titan Xtreme crossbow has many positive points, but it is not perfect. It has one main issue, which is caused by the rope cocking device.  It has been reported by many users to break very easily when misused. To make sure it does not break, you should take care good of your crossbow and have regular maintenance to have it working correctly.  It is also quite a noisy crossbow compared to other crossbows in TenPoints range. This is not a major issue, but if you plan on hunting and need to stay quiet, you will need to invest in a silencer. Overall, when you are buying a TenPoint crossbow, you are getting a decent build from a company that is well respected for the quality of its crossbows.


  • The low weight, which is extremely helpful when you are aiming as you can hold it for longer. But it also makes it easier to travel with and maneuver whether you are in a competition or hunting.
  • The 3x Pro-View scope is great for helping you get the longer shots with an accurate hit every time.
  • The Fusion Lite stock which doesn’t add much weight to the crossbow is perfect for keeping the weight down compared to a normal Fusion stock.


  • The noise created by the crossbow when firing. It can be fixed if it becomes too much of an issue.
  • A rope cocking device can break if it is not looked after. Regular maintenance could solve the issue.

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