Do you feel like your life is stuck in a rut? Are you bogged down by your hectic schedule, social commitments, deliverables from work, deadlines from your supervisors and peers? 

Need some space and time to yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of city life? Well, fret no more because the perfect solution to all of your troubles lies in taking a camping trip.

Camping can be for all ages and offers something for all mindsets. Whether you need a respite in nature or an adventure in the wilderness, it is sure to offer you a plethora of choices from which you can decide how you want to spend your trip.

Some people like to simply relax on a camping trip, unplug from their daily lives and connect with the great outdoors. Others might be looking for an intense, activity-packed sojourn. 

If you belong to the second group, please read on because we are here to tell you all about some amazingly fun things that you can accomplish on a camping trip and return to your regular schedule- refreshed and rejuvenated, and wanting for more.

Indulge in Campfire Games

We have all played charades, never-have-I-ever, truth or dare, Pictionary, taboo, mafia, and other such games. But have you ever tried them around a campfire? 

There is something magical and exhilarating about having all of your friends or family sitting around a crackling campfire and joining in on the fun of a simple game that none of you would normally ever have the opportunity to play together.

So if you are going camping with a large group, pack your favorite board and card games. Or maybe even just a bunch of blank cards and a pen to play charades with. 

Trust me, you will have a hoot because even the most simple, childish game is transformed into an eye-opening, learning experience around an open fire, under the twinkling stars. You will see your companions in a new light once the fun is over.

Pick Up New Skills

Maybe you’ve always wanted to carve a piece of wood into art or something functional. The official term for this is whittling. All you need is a sharp knife and some abandoned wood barks. 

You could start out by making your own tent pegs (they really do not have to be perfect), then progress onto your inamorata’s face (or a vague likelihood of it).

You could learn the art of foraging. Pick up a reliable field guide so you can distinguish between the edible and inedible fruits and greens offered by your chosen campsite. Forage for berries, mushrooms, wild leafy greens and see how confident you feel to have been able to gather and prepare your own nourishment from scratch.

Anyone who has ever built a camp-fire would never look down upon the activity of actually getting the fire going. A lot goes into developing a proper camp-fire- finding the right kind of tinder, dry wood and leaves, creating the ground for the fire, then lighting it up and sustaining the flames in manageably. 

This activity definitely has a learning curve and you will feel so much more accomplished after you’ve mastered it.   

Activities in the Water

If you choose a campground that has access to a pond, lake or river, you will strike it lucky. Water bodies provide a vast range of activities for all sorts of people. 

There is something for everyone, regardless of whether you are an absolute lazy bum or a total adrenaline junkie. 

Imagine you are the calm, quiet, restful type who enjoys catching fish and the waterbody on your campsite permits fishing, you could spend hours with a fishing rod, steeped in your thoughts while baiting fish. 

For painting enthusiasts, a trickling stream or serene river could be the perfect muse for a whole series of art-work. Photographers have often found award-winning shots while waiting for the perfect light to bounce off the water molecules and capturing it. 

On the other hand, if you’re raging to give your body a work-out, there are so many fun things you could indulge in. Go swimming amongst the algae, rocks, pebbles, and fish. If you have children with you and there is a sandy shore you could all build sand-sculptures. 

If you are the sporty type bring a volleyball and have a blast playing beach, or water volleyball. 

All of them are a great activity that involves both your physical and mental muscles, provides exercise and helps in finding peace and serenity is boating or kayaking. 

For the boating novices, look for a campsite that offers boats or kayaks to hire, has instructors on board or at least provides guides who can advise you on the lay of the land and the right water trails to follow. 

If you think you are courageous enough or have enough experience in steering a boat or kayak, a camping trip is a perfect opportunity to lose yourself in the middle of nature, surrounded by water. 

For the multi-tasking, multi-talented camper whose passion is both fishing and kayaking, a prudent choice would be to invest in a fishing kayak. There are many options available, but only the best fishing kyaks will suit you depending on your needs and level of expertise. 

Whether you want to just fish in the middle of a lake or river, or want to practice some hard-core kayaking skills on your trip or want to sit on the water in the middle of nowhere after a workout, there is something for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Remember that the purpose of a camping trip is to let go of your inhibitions and break outside the box. Don’t worry about the dirt, slime, mud, grime, and stink. 

Mother nature does not care about any of it and while on a camping trip, neither should you. That said, do be mindful about not polluting or harming your campsite. 

Make sure that you douse your fire before you depart, clean your site up every day and that you are not leaving any plants, trees, bushes or wildlife habitat destroyed in your wake. 

Respect the wilderness and in the process, enjoy the bounties of nature with as many activities as you can pack into your trip.

So for your next holiday, do consider planning a camping trip. Nomatter who you are, you will not regret it.