Hunting can provide a long list of benefits. This activity can control wildlife populations, improve one’s personal experience, and increases the hunter’s knowledge about Mother Nature. Your mental health can also benefit from hunting as it requires you to study the species you’re going to hunt.

For your next hunt, read a guide by RYG and consider investing in rugged watches. Although these timepieces were originally used by the US military, it can be utilized by hunters, too. Unlike traditional watches that only provide the time, rugged watches offer multiple functions that can make any hunt successful.

Rugged watches are important when hunting because of the following reasons:

  1. Solar-Powered

Hunting means killing a specific type of animal in the wild. Depending on the animal you’re hunting, you might need to start looking for your target in the middle of the night or during the wee hours of the morning. In some cases, you might even need to hunt under extreme weather conditions.

Hunting is very unpredictable, which is why you should pay attention to the gear you bring. A device that can’t be seen in the dark or one that requires electricity to work can be useless.

A rugged watch is important when hunting because this device is solar-powered. There are now rugged solar-powered atomic watches that can last for seven months after its last exposure to sunlight. With this feature, you’ll be able to tell the time and enjoy other features regardless of the weather and location of your hunt.

  1. Compass

When hunting in unfamiliar territories, a compass is always a must. This navigational device can help hunters, like you, reach their destination. A compass is also considered as a necessity as one wrong turn can be life-threatening to hunters.

While traditional compasses can easily be purchased today, its compact size can become the reason why it’s easily lost. It’ll usually take time for you to locate your compass inside your backpack. In some cases, you might even be stressed thinking if you actually bought the compass with you or accidentally left it at home.

Instead of bringing a separate compass, why not wear it? A compass is one of the most basic features provided by a rugged watch. Since the device is strapped to your wrist, you don’t have to worry about your compass being forgotten or lost.

Unlike traditional compasses, the one you can enjoy from a rugged watch comes with luminescent hands, making it easy for you to see directions in the dark. Some rugged watches even come with LED colored lights as its background.

  1. Scratch-Resistant

When hunting, expect that you’ll have to traverse different terrains and landscapes. More often than not, you’ll have to silently walk through lush green forests or crawl underneath shrubs. For experienced hunters, they might even need to stay hidden in the ground for hours just to get a perfect aim at their target.

With the intensity of hunting, using a rugged watch is apt. This device is made from materials that’ll remain scratch-free even when exposed to intense outdoor activity. With a rugged watch, regardless of how often you hunt, or how intense the terrains are, you can expect that its appearance will never deteriorate.

Any device that remains scratch-free even after years of using it will make any hunter’s life easier. Ask yourself, if the surface of the device is already full of scratches, how can you possibly utilize the compass or check the date?

  1. Water-Resistant

Hunting feral animals or wildlife will require you to survive the rain or pass through rivers and other bodies of water.

Since water is an element that’s always present when hunting, it’s important that hunters, like you, invest in rugged watches. This device is water-resistant, allowing you to use all of its features regardless of how heavy the rain is and deep the rivers are. Some rugged watches are also water-resistant at 330 feet.  

By using a water-resistant rugged watch, you can guarantee that your device will still be useful even after getting it wet for countless times already.

  1. Anti-Reflective

Some animals are very sensitive. Small flashes of lights can frighten animals and run away. In some cases, these sudden flashes can prompt animals to inform their herd that danger is nearby. Once this happens, the hours you’ve spent hiding behind the bushes will be useless, and you have no choice but to start all over again.

A rugged watch is important when hunting because it also comes with an anti-reflective PVD coating. With this material, you don’t have to worry about accidentally creating any flashes. 

The more discreet you are, the easier it’ll be for you to hunt.

Make Careful Decisions

Rugged watches now come in a wide variety of designs and features. Before buying, research on your options and compare its features. Different hunters will likely use different features from a rugged watch.

Buying an expensive rugged watch that contains luminescent hands or digits can be appropriate for someone who hunts in the dark. Make sure that you’ll buy a rugged watch that suits your needs as a hunter.