A good paintball gun has to have them all: looks, accuracy, rounds magazine, marker, and a system that allows the player to quick-swap CO2 air tanks. Today, we’re going to have a nice chat about the best of the best in terms of accuracy. Author’s note: all of the paintball pistols you’re about to see have been stripped, reassembled, and field tested under considerable stress. No, we’re not into abusing paintball equipment, we just wanted to see which one’s the most accurate.  

Empire Paintball Axe

If paintball pistols were princes, then the Empire Paintball Axe would be king. Everything about Empire’s multi-firing mode paintball pistol spells excellence – excellent grip, reloading rate, and a design to make you feel like you’re actually holding a real semi-automatic gun.

Axe’s greatest asset is its cocking and firing mechanism. It takes the user just a couple of second to take out the gun and fire it at the enemy. The Empire Paintball Axe has multiple firing modes such as NXL & Millennium, NXL, PSP, and NPPL.

Another thing we really like about this gun is that it has no cables on the outside. All of them have been tucked in, as to offer the player the window he needs to take down the enemy without getting his hands caught in the cables.

This is, by far, the best speedrunning pistol we’ve ever had the chance to test on the field. The rubber grip ensures that the Axe stays in your hands, no matter how sweaty your palms are. Still, this doesn’t mean that Empire’s electronic paintball gun doesn’t perform admirably in high accuracy, long range runs.

Even though it doesn’t have a laser or red dot sight, the pistol’s marker is more than enough to do the job. Basically, this is the type of gun that leaves no room for doubt once you have a shot lined up – just point to where you want to shoot and pull the trigger.

Thanks to Empire’s proprietary no-tool-needed bolt removal system, the Axe can be taken apart and put back together in no time. Just don’t forget to take out the barrel first when you’re performing maintenance.

All in all, the Empire Paintball Axe is one Hell of a paintball gun – mean, lean, and deadly accurate.  Axe is one of the best compact paintball pistol options currently on the market, managing to trample its competitors.  

Dangerous Power G5

Dangerous Power G5 or Dangerous Dave, as we like to call it (a tribute to John Romero’s iconic DOS game) is a sturdy companion for a beginner. Its design kind of remind us of Empire’s Axe, minus the grip and CO2 cartridge loading system.

The one thing that comes to mind when hitting the field with Dangerous Dave is its weight. Frankly, it’s pretty heavy for a sidearm – it weighs 11 pounds, compared to the Empire Paintball Axe which weighs 3.8 pounds. Still, if you’re accustomed to carrying around heavy paintball equipment, it should be too much of a problem for you.

Like the Axe, Dangerous Dave also sports multiple firing modes including Semi, PSP3, NXL, and Millennium.

Although it’s based on roughly the same technology as Empire, the Axe outperforms Dangerous Dave on the field. More than once we had to take it apart and lubricate the bolt, as it kept jamming. There’s also the matter of air tank regulator which we had to change because the gun wouldn’t fire, regardless of the CO2 cartridge.

Our advice – buy it if you want to practice with a paintball gun. However, regardless of how much we got attached to it, we would have to say that Dangerous Dave is not a suitable gun for speedruns.

Empire Paintball Dfender Marker

And the last item on our list is Empire’s Paintball Dfender marker. More of an SMG than an actual pistol, the Dfender Marker delivers unparalleled performance when used in assault mode. Empire’s SMG-like paintball pistol has multiple firing modes and a fast-reloading magazine.

Although it may look bulky, the Dfender is actually super light and surprisingly accurate. To correct slug trajectory, Dfender uses magnesium shells and break beam eyes. All the guns electronics are powered by six triple-A batteries.

One of the best thing about Empire’s Paintball Dfender is its price tag. Considering that the weapon’s riddled with electronics, it’s ludicrously cheap, which is perfect for someone who was thinking about buying a paintball pistol.

Sadly, Empire’s Dfender is better suited for long-range shots than speedy, close encounters. All in all, it’s a reliable, dependable, and cheap paintball pistol.


As you can see, choosing a paintball gun is quite challenging. There are many things to be taken into consideration – loading mechanism, gun maintenance, accuracy, jamming frequency. Still, we consider it to be a sound investment, especially if you’re the type of player that likes to shoot first and ask questions later.