People have their own thing which they call as hobbies or interests. Sometimes, people spend so much just to do their hobbies. At times, there are people who are so preoccupied with doing their hobbies to the point that they become addicted. Such addiction to hobbies makes people create a tendency to make loans after loans, see at Crediful.  But what if your hobby is archery, you must be filthy rich to sustain this sport.

Moreover, if you’re an archery enthusiast, then this blog is for you. How do you look for the best or strongest bows out there? If you’re badly looking for it, then see the details here:

Know your purpose

Bows are used for specific purposes. Primarily it is used for hitting targets. Hence, you need a bow that can accurately do this. But of course, this depends on your skills. Secondly, bows are used for hunting. Although at present, such hobby is against environmental protection, it can be done on selected occasions only. Consequently, the choice of a bow depends on which of these purposes. Therefore, if your goal is just to hit targets, then regular bows would be sufficient enough. But, if you want to use it for hunting, you need something highly specialized. However, if you want a recurve bow, you need a lot of practice to be able to use it properly.

Consider the length

In choosing for bows, length does not only pertain to the size of the bow, but it refers to how long can you pull back its strings. This affects the length of the bow itself. That is why considering length also depends on you. To determine the length, spread your arms wide and measure the distance from one hand to the other, then divide it by 2.5. You may not get the exact size but it will already be the starting point.

You may also base the size according to the standards set by the Archery Trade Association (ATA). In doing this, you will need to pull back the string at the right position for firing. Then, you will have to measure the distance between the string where your nock the arrow and the pivot point.

Consider the weight

Draw weight pertains to the strength the bow can deliver when you fire a shot. This also has something to do with your own weight. Children, women, and men have different draw weights of bows suitable for them. But the best test is by trying it because sometimes the measurement is not accurate and the use of the bow may just become a waste. Likewise, you need to consider the weight of the bow itself. Whether for hunting or for target shooting, you don’t want a bow that you drag along because it’s too heavy for you.

Right Price

As mentioned earlier, this is a kind of hobby that you need to spend some money. So if you were able to save more money, choosing the best and strongest recurve bow is just easy. The better the quality of the bow, the more expensive the price is.

The Ten Best Recurve Bows

According to different reviews, here are the ten best recurve bow: (This is arranged in alphabetical order) Bear Archery Grizzly, Bear Archery Super Kodiak, Hoyt Satori, Martin Archery Hunter, Martin Archery Jaguar Elite, PSE Archery Anthem, Samick Sage, SAS Spirit, and Tiger Shark Pro. Thus, the next time you visit an archery shop, these are the names that you have to look for. Again you must prepare your bank account to buy one of these.


In conclusion, gone are the days, that it was only Robinhood that you remember when you consider buying a recurve bow. The passage of time has influenced greatly even this seemingly expensive sports. But, nonetheless, it is a legitimate sport, itself wherein an enthusiast or an athlete needs to practice rightly by using a recurve bow that is considered the best and the strongest. In choosing, knowing the names of the best bows can help you. But if you do not have the resources to buy, then by just knowing the qualities, you can choose among the cheapest ones so that you may not be depriving yourself.