Airsoft is a good recreational activity for those who love adventure. It gives participants a great opportunity to foster their team spirit as they strategize and work together to defeat their enemy.

Being new, not a lot of people know about airsoft. Hence, it is not a surprise that many people do not have an idea yet what to prepare or even what to wear when they participate in an airsoft battle.

Surely, a rifle that the best airsoft snipers use is the most important piece of equipment for this activity. But because each game is played on rough terrain, it’s also important to be mindful of the footwear that we use. Usually, players wear tactical or combat boots; it’s as if they really are in real battle.

But hiking footwear are great options as well. In this article, we present three hiking or running footwear that you can really use in lieu of the heavier combat boots.

Airsoft is something that you may see become more popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Outdoor activities are much safer, and Airsoft can be done with physical distancing so you don’t spread the disease between each other.

Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX

The Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX allows its wearers to run and move strategically in extreme weather. Its upper is waterproof because of the Gore-Tex material, but it does not at all compromise breathability and comfort.

Furthermore, this shoe is equipped with a 3D advanced chassis, which is placed in between its outsole and midsole. This feature improves running performance by ensuring these factors: efficiency, stability, motion control, and protection.

A lot of users are leaving very positive comments about this shoe, so you really don’t have to worry about wasting your hard-earned cash when you give this running shoe a try. 

Lowa Zephyr

Although Lowa as a brand is not popular in the mainstream, it has been around for almost a century. Each of their products is handcrafted in Europe, so you can rest assured that each shoe is meticulously put together. 

The Lowa Zephyr has an upper that is lined with waterproof Gore-Tex so it keeps your feet dry for the duration of your airsoft game. The materials that the upper is made of are also flexible enough to NOT require a break-in period. 

Moreover, it has a special outsole technology that makes the shoe ideal for both wet and dry surfaces. You surely can make your game a lot more exciting if you wear the Lowa Zephyr! You can even use this for other outdoor activities such as hunting

Under Armour Valsetz

For the wearer who wants a shoe that performs well and looks good, then the Under Armour Valsetz is a gem. This shoe has a sneaker vibe to it, so you can definitely wear them to work or for a quick stroll around the park. 

This Under Armour shoe has a mesh upper with web overlays so it’s really breathable and light. You can’t use them in the rain, though, because this doesn’t have any waterproofing element added to it. 

Like any other sport, you will enjoy airsoft better if you wear the right attire because they will not only protect you, they also help you step up your game.