Now, the question on your mind might be about why anyone would even want to hunt in the winter. It’s freezing, it’s snowy, which hinders vision, and overall, winter simply brings tougher deer hunting conditions. But, the odd fact here is that while winter admittedly brings tougher conditions, it does, however, bring higher chances of successfully hunting deer.

This is because cold weather increases the chances that an adult male steps out into the open. It’s also during wintertime when food is scarce and so, deer tend to flock to wherever there’s food. They also need to keep warm, so they tend to herd up in order to share warmth. Deer spend time in a confined area in order to both conserve energy as well as to be able to eat food when needed.

So, besides these hunting basics, what are a few tips on how to hunt deer during the winter?

Bring The Proper Gear

You’re going to need clothes that are made from either cotton or wool to tackle the winter cold. This includes insulated hunting boots, parkas, jackets, hats, gloves, etc. These are readily available at any store that sells tactical apparel, and there are online stores like, that sell an even wider selection. You need three layers of clothing for hunting in the winter.

Monitor Food and Water Sources

Because both food and water are in short supply during the winter, deer are going to tend to crowd around these sources. This helps narrow your search and will increase your chances of getting big game.

Hunt At Night

On really cold days, deer may not even make it back to their cover until daybreak. You don’t want to be wasting your time hunting during the daytime when the deer aren’t even around. It’s best to wait until the afternoon to begin hunting to minimize the risk of alerting the deer to your presence.

Use Estrus To Your Advantage

It’s during the winter that doe fawns enter their estrus period. Their hormones will attract mature males to females, and will often cloud their instincts. Using an estrus bleat on bucks are highly likely to not only get their attention, but to also attract them. This is even more effective during days that are extra cold as the need for warmth only makes the drive even more intense.

In the same manner that the seasons change, so too, should we change the tactics that we use to hunt. Adverse weather conditions are not always such a bad thing, as clearly demonstrated by the information held within this article. But be that as it may, even when there’s a better chance at hunting successfully during the winter, it’s important to keep safety measures in mind at all times. Plan ahead, scout the region, and check the weather. The usual snowfall is fine, but when the area gets hit by a blizzard, chances are that the deer are going to leave the area, as you should too. Plan well, hunt safely, but most of all, have a good time.