Everybody is familiar with the blank page syndrome from time to time when you sit in front of your work that has not started yet and have no idea what to do. Imagination seems to be blocked, and nothing comes out of your brain. It can happen with anybody who gets overwhelmed with work or studying and finds it hard to concentrate on one particular task. Writing blocks can also be the consequence of difficult times in life when you can’t cope with things that have piled up during some period. Many young people turn to a writing service for help in this case. Thus, you can improve your academic performance and offload yourself from enormous amounts of homework and assignments to leave room for creativity and other responsibilities. But take a look at edubirdie reviews before ordering as there are companies that are not on top writing services and may confuse the students.

So what is the most efficient way to avoid these writing blocks and get ready for creative assignments in college or university? You can find methods that would spark your inspiration and make you overcome the complications with your studies. Whether setting a routine that will stimulate your activity and encourage you to do more during the day or changing your workplace to avoid distractions, any technique applies differently for every person but doesn’t guarantee a long-term effect. If you want to have greater changes in your life and improve its quality fundamentally, you need to try some other approach that would better influence your work. Look through the top five sports to help you manage your study issues and benefit from the process. 


Playing basketball is highly recommended to students who want to stay healthy and shape. Moreover, such an enjoyable activity can help you get out of stressful college life, creating a writing block that inevitably affects your grades. Thus, playing basketball will enable you to reduce anxiety and gain peace of mind and confidence when producing various school projects, presentations, and writings. The game is very simple and suits all skill levels and ages, helping young people stay active and organized. Moreover, any exercise helps pump more oxygen through your body and benefits your entire system. You play two-on-two or three-on-three. No matter how many players participate in this activity, you have a chance to experience a playful and competitive spirit that will put you in a good mood for your academic studying. 


Taking regular swimming lessons can enhance many different skills that will be advantageous for eliminating your writing blocks. Thus, when swimming, you develop gross motor skills, coordination, and the left and right sides of the brain. The positive effect of such an activity is enormous. On the physical level, swimming helps keep your heart and lungs healthy, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina, and even improves balance and posture. Once you notice these changes in your body, you will see the great transformations in your emotional state, stimulating your cognitive abilities and enhancing your memory. So the assignments you get in college or university won’t seem unmanageable and complicated anymore. 

Track and field

Sprinting, distance running, and many other athletic activities are essential for students to live healthy and fulfilled lives. It’s a great strength exercise that can help you lose weight or maintain good health and develops you as an individual, which is an important component for thinking creatively and developing unique opinions that you can use in your writing assignments. You can take up any activity, from jumping vertically or horizontally and even throwing. Each exercise brings profit to those who take the sport seriously and incorporate it into their daily routine to be physically and mentally active. If you find it hard to handle all the pressure of your college life, you can go to edubirdie.com to learn more about the service, which may help you solve some writing issues. 


If you are more up to some light activity that provides you with good feelings and emotions, you can choose badminton. Practicing this activity helps students relax and enjoy the process as badminton can be very entertaining and exciting. Besides, such a concept as “flow state” is relevant in this game. You let go of your thoughts and execute something practically on muscle memory. Such a method enables young people to learn to use it when they work on various projects or deal with creative writings. You can reach great results in your work by detaching yourself from all the external disturbance and going with the flow. The main important thing here is concentration, and this is what badminton can give you. 


Weightlifting can help you become more aware and precise when learning or investigating new concepts. Heavy lifting has been proven to trigger some interesting processes within our brain. Thus, if you look for ways to reconnect with your mind through regular fitness exercises, weightlifting can be a good option to fulfill your goal. Besides, it will positively affect your learning skills as the exercise tends to boost critical thinking and reach a new level of creative thinking.