There is nothing quite like the feeling of carrying a pocket knife. For some reason, you feel more in control, ready for everything, ready to take on the world. What’s even better is when you discover a cool pocket knife that has a number of cool qualities to it. What makes a knife cool is that it does something unique that not many other pocket knives can. If you are in the market for a cool new pocket knife look no further. Keep reading to discover some of the unique pocket knives on the market today.

The 7 Coolest Pocket Knives

Iain Sinclair Design Cardsharp2 Credit Card-Sized Knife

#1This pocket knife is truly unique and cool for a variety of reasons. For starters, it is especially thin, only 2.2 mm thick. It is very lightweight as it only weighs 13 grams so it is easy to carry around with you. The edge of the blade is protected when it is stored in your pocket or kit bag. It is one of the sharpest knives of its kind as it uses surgical blade technology to create a 65mm cutting edge that only makes for a longer lasting blade. What truly makes this pocket knife cool is that it is literally only the size of a credit card which is truly remarkable.

This is not a knife you are going to clean deer with or fight off an attacker, but this is a very cool knife to have on hand to use a box opener or to help you open package. It is low cost because it is as small as a credit card and is meant for light use. It is a great knife to use as a spare knife or one you keep in your draw for emergencies. The Iain Sinclair Folding Knife has an interesting design and for the price of $6.99, it also has an interesting appeal. This would make a perfect gift for someone who is looking for their first official pocket knife. It also great for anyone who is looking to make a neat little addition to their knife collection. It is a very good quality and cool knife for the price.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools KEY 101 Key Knife

#2When it comes to unique pocket knives, this one truly takes the cake. This pocket knife is made to look like a key. It is an ingenious idea that keeps you safe and prepared at all times. It is made to look like a key so you can place it right on your key chain so no one is aware you are carrying a knife. The blade is very compact but can be effective for deterring predators. It is made with a straight edge blade made of stainless steel and has a black finish. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools KEY 101 Key Knife comes with a lock back which provide added safety while the knife is open. SOG even provides their customers with Limited Lifetime Warranty.

You can also use this cool knife to open boxes, cleaning fingers, and a number of various tasks that you may need to use it for. It has a lanyard hole that allows you to hook it right onto your keychain for easy access anywhere that you take your keys. Many of SOG’s products have been used my military and law enforcement officials, so their products are built tough and built to last. This specialty knife is very sleek and stylish with a blade that can slide quickly back into place without any hassle. Many customers are surprised at how truly sharp the blade actually is and are glad they made the purchase. This is the perfect buy for college students and other individuals who have to walk alone frequently. It does not get much cooler than that.

11” Double Blade Pocket Knife Inspired by Batman

#3Not much has to be said regarding the coolness factor in this particular pocket knife. It is a Batman pocket knife with a six-inch blade. It was inspired by Batman and comes in five different colors. The blade is surprisingly sharp and is makes for a great weapon for defense and also a great box cutter. It folds very easily so it can easily be concealed in your pocket or purse. It makes for a convenient and handy tool to open boxes and any other item that needs to be opened. The blade is six inches in length and folds away easy. The Batman logo is easy to see so this is a perfect gift for anyone who loves Batman.

Most customers who purchased this Batman pocket knife were really surprised at how sharp the knife actually was. It looks quite a bit like a toy, so many people were expecting it to cut like a toy. It is not only sharp at the tip but it is also sharp at the bottom which makes it truly unique and cool. This pocket knife even comes shipped to you in a black pouch which makes it easy to carry around. Many people who purchased this item purchased it as a gift for someone else who is a Batman fanatic or simply a knife collector. All of them were shocked at the quality of this novelty item and love the different color options. Overall it received many 5 star ratings on and is a must have for every Batman lover.

Boker Subcom F Folding Pocket Knife

#4When you think of pocket knives there is probably an image that automatically pops into your head. Well, forget about that image for a second and let’s talk about the Boker Subcom F Folding Pocket Knife. This pocket knife was manufactured with a blade that is municipal-friendly and is only 1 7/8 inches long. It has a black coating and is made of stainless steel with a thumb stud that is ambidextrous. The pocket clip is reversible and it is very compact in size and can even be used as a money clip. The palm and thumb ramps both give you a secure grip. The handle is made of reinforced fiberglass nylon. It is very lightweight and is a perfect fit for your pocket.

The Boker Subcom F Folding Pocket Knife Boker Plus Subcom Black Knifeis the perfect everyday carrying knife. It is no bigger than a Zippo lighter but is quite a bit thinner. The blade, while only under 2 inches in length, can do some real damage when used correctly. This is would be the perfect knife to put on your keychain or to use a way to clip your money. The clip is reversible so you can adjust it to your liking. When it comes down to self-defense this is the perfect knife to carry. Many customers found that this pocket knife was high in quality for such a low price. It makes a great addition to any knife collection as it cuts through cardboard very easily. It is a small, cool, and effective mode of self-defense.

Van Hoy Snap Lock Knife

#5Columbia River Knife and Tool knows how to make a cool pocket knife that also wins awards. The Van Hoy Snap Lock Knife is truly an original and is made with an award winning snap-lock design. It is has a neat mechanism attached that allows you to open the knife with one hand with ease. It is made with a bead blast finish and stainless steel. The snap lock is ambidextrous and comes with a money and pocket clip that can easily be removed. It a very lightweight pocket knife that can easily be concealed in a pocket or purse.

What makes this pocket knife so cool is that it is it can also be used as a money clip which gives you easy access to a knife during any potentially dangerous situation. It is important to keep your knife oiled, clean, and sharp so it is ready for anything. Customers seem to be really appreciative of the ease of use as well as the easy access to the potential weapon. It is important to remember to be careful not to nick yourself due to the unique design of this pocket knife. It is very small so to keep from losing it you should hook it to your belt or keep it tucked into your purse. You can purchase this knife for under $25 and it is a steal especially with all the added security you get with it. This is perfect for any college student or person who walks alone frequently as it can be easily hidden.

SOG Specialty Knives Access Card 2.0

#6SOG Specialty Knives and Tools has done it again with their Access Card 2.0 pocket knife. It is minimalistic with a small knife that will not take up very much room in your purse, wallet, or pocket. You can attach to a vest you are wearing and even wear it around your neck. It has a straight edge folding blade that has a pointed clip and a stylish black finish. You can open close this knife simply by using one hand. It is made of stainless steel and is easy to fold back into your pocket. SOG even gives their customers a limited lifetime warranty.

The arc-lock ambidextrous and has a number of other qualities that most companies just cannot compete with. It is very lightweight but it doesn’t mean it isn’t a handy and effective pocket knife. The arc-lock can also be adjusted and you can clean it so it lasts you for many years. SOG has created an awesome knife that is not only cool but easy to use. The knife will snap open and closed like magic when you need it in a hurry. The spring lock has been tested to withstand over 1000 pounds of force and will not pop open suddenly unless you ask it to. To keep it clean just use a soap and water solution and that should do the trick. What customers love most about this pocket knife is that it is made by SOG who is known for their high-quality products. 

Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant

#7If you want to take everything but the kitchen sink with you then the Wenger Swiss Army Knife Giant with you and you might be able to build one! It comes equipped with everything from a nail cleaner to a Flat Phillips head screwdriver which will prepare you for just about any circumstance that you could wriggle yourself into. But while it does have a metal saw and a flashlight, it is important to be very careful with such an item. According to many of the comments listed on the product site, it seems to be causing more damage than good. But not in all cases, some people are achieving Superman-like greatness with this Swiss army knife extravaganza!

One customer was using the very handy nail file but also accomplished the rebuilding of a small engine, so that is pretty amazing. Several people complained that it did not come equipped with a towel which is desperately needed due to the excessive bleeding this tool could cause. Some of the customers who purchased this item think that they could have used this as a weapon as opposed to light sabers. John F. Kennedy even makes an appearance in the comment section of this product. It must be really amazing! It can really do a little bit of everything but you should try it out for yourself.

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