Trout is a freshwater and saltwater fish that’s been famous for its delicious meat and high catch rate. It’s a fish that’s famous when you hear numerous stories of water from anglers and fishers.

Similar to fishes like salmon, trout is very lean and healthy for consumption. Preparing this fish is also easy since it can be eaten as a fillet with grilled butter-herb dressing.

If you’re looking to catch your trout to save money or start a hobby, then stay tuned because you’ll need to know the lures to use! We’ll also talk about how to locate this fish and catch it properly.

Fishing for Trout

Before we discuss the lures, you’ll have to understand first the basics of trout. If you’re already an experienced angler, then you can just scroll down and check the next subheading.

As with any fishing, you need to have proper awareness with your local government’s policy when it comes to marine and wildlife conservation.

Trout is not an endangered species, but you still need to know the proper schedule and location of catching this fish.

Once you get all of these done, you’d need to have a good rod that’ suited for trout. For trout, especially river trouts, it’s recommended that you go light on the rod. A good rod should weigh only around 2-8 pounds, boasting a light tackle.

Furthermore, it’s recommended that your fishing rod should be an open-faced type. This gives you a lot of room to change fishing styles, be it using baits or other kinds of lures.

When you’ve secured a durable but light rod, you can simply find a trout-heavy river to fish. Ideally, your local wildlife management should have this information listed.

Best Lures for Trouts

1.    Worden’s Flatfish

We start this list by reviewing one of the lightest lures out there. Worden’s Flatfish lure is developed to have a near-perfect combination when it comes to buoyancy and balance.

Because of its lightweight characteristic, Worden’s Flatfish lure excels in a wobbling action that gives it a realistic feel towards the trout. Moreover, it’s wide-swimming feature is also effective even in calmer bodies of water.

It’s an excellent lure for advanced fishing methods as well. A good example would be trolling, where you’ll cast this lure and pair it with a moving boat for added motion. However, it can be a bit tricky to handle if you’re just a beginner.

Casting this is quite difficult since it’s light, so you might need some extra weight if you’re not yet familiar with it.

2. Woolly Bugger

The wooly bugger is quite the odd lure in this list. It’s designed to imitate insects, mainly nymphs or leech. This has been proven to attract trout and other fish since little bugs are also part of their diets.

The woolly bugger is a highly versatile bait since you can get different variations of it. Sometimes, these lures can be developed with tungsten or brass to give it more weight when fishing.

3. Panther Martin

The panther martin is arguably one of the best overall lures and spinners you can find. Although Panther Martin has been known to have top-notch spinners, it has also recently produced cheap but effective lures.

One of the good things that you’re getting with this lure is its hooking power. By hooking power, we mean that the trout will have little-to-no chance of escaping your fishing line.

For the spinners, you’ll get large blades that are also lightweight. This enables it to move freely in the water.

To further add, it’s also extremely compact. This gives it the advantage to reach deeper waters for more chances of fishing. Also, you can troll it without any add-ons because of its perfect weight.

4.  Rapala Original Floater

The Rapala floater is another lure that falls under the versatile label. You can do many things with this lure such as using it for shallow waters like raging rivers, or deeper bodies like the sea.

The design mainly revolves around imitating a wounded minnow. This gives fishes like trout the idea that there’s wounded prey for easier hunting. To use this design to catch trout, you can reel in the Rapala slowly as if it’s moving across the water.

Afterward, immediately stop it. This sudden pause will give the trout an opening to time its bite.

5. Mepps Aglia

The Mepps Aglia is our last on the list. This brand is arguably one of the best at producing spinners that are solely designed to catch trout. It’s also another compact spinner that allows you to cast it far and deep into the sea.

The small size of the plain spinners also helps to attract smaller fish like trout. Although if you’re planning to catch a bigger fish, you can modify it and dress it.

This will give it more prominent appearance on the surface. When it comes to the blades, the Mepps Aglia rotates efficiently. This is also the case even when the retrieval rates are slow.

As for trolling, it’s quite lightweight so you might need to add some weight to maximize this lure. Nonetheless, it’s a great tool that specializes in trout fishing!

Wrapping it Up

There are many other lures that you can use for trout fishing beside what we discussed. But the bottom line here is that when you’re fishing for trout, you should consider a couple of factors. These are mainly the size, weight, and appearance.

The very purpose of your lure is to attract and hook trout. So when you think about the scale of the trout, you’d want it to be small and light while also having a strong hook.

Trouts love hunting for small animals, so a wobbling and small object in the sea should be enough to reel them in.

As for the technique, also try to get a rod and a lure that will suit your preference it fishing.

Be it for trolling or other techniques, it’s always good to research first and devise your strategy prior. Trout may be an easy catch, but it’s still a challenge! With that said, happy fishing!