Underwater Archery is increasingly becoming a very popular recreational activity today. Archery has undoubtedly been used in various ways. As a matter of fact, the most common archery was used throughout history for hunting and war. Civilizations particularly used archery to change the tides of many battles. In medieval times, archery was considered highly.

In this article, we are going to discuss underwater archery. These archers normally swim to shooting stations, where in most cases they have to estimate the distances to the target. However, most underwater tournaments only allow one shot per target. Although you are not looking to be a hunter someday, underwater archery will offer you a challenging and fun-filled test. Well, it is equally important to note that the underwater completion distances are normally shorter than those for field archery or target, so it is accessible to more individuals. This is just absolute fun!

The top thing you really need to do when preparing for underwater archery is that you must start practicing how to judge distances, learn the scoring rings for various targets and above all develop stamina to allow you carry your equipment steadily underwater. And also don’t forget to put on your swimming glasses to help you verify exactly where you need to aim.

The big question most individuals ask regarding underwater archery is whether shooting a bow underwater will significantly reduce the longevity of a compound bow over long term. There are those that strongly believe that underwater bows bare the elements during snowy or even rainy hunts. But, it is no secret that being fully submerged under water may raise various issues for a bow.

Most Archers normally forget that when shooting underwater, the bow arm has to always counter the pulling arm. As a matter of fact, there are those that focus too much on pulling the string backwards that they end up forgetting they need to have the same tension on the other arm. Not being able to balance the tension in both arms will ultimately make the forces on the skeletal tissue not to be equal. Any time there is poor balance underwater, the archer will flinch and jerk when releasing the shot. The best thing to do is make sure you balance through working both the pushing and pulling arms.

When shooting underwater, an archer is also advised to perform as if he or she is in a situation of life and death. But, this should not be too much that it upsurges the anxiety levels, but enough to ensure that the shot reaches the target.

Get Outside

You can be sure that underwater archery can to a great extent help strengthen your form, build friendships, and most importantly surge your enjoyment for the sport. During the summer sunshine, underwater shooting can really help you and your family enjoy all the health benefits of archery while cooling off.

Lastly, a good archer should always know exactly when to call it a day. Whilst the bow may turn out to be an extremely high-performance machine, the archer is not. The moment you notice that your muscles are getting tired and you are getting hungry, grumpy or easily distracted, then it is definitely time to stop shooting. It is advisable to only practice when in good form because that’s when it will be effective.v

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