Young people have no end of curiosity. And curiosity for airsoft guns is more in the young generation. Lately, we are receiving lots of emails with the questions: “What’s a good polymer 80 glock?” “How to use water polymer ammo for airsoft pistols?” I decided to answer the latter question here. 

I have already tried this and to me, it’s a normal task. If you were confused about using water bullets on an airsoft gun, I would help you recover your confusion. Today; I will discuss the whole process with some easy steps. So, keep reading.

Can You Use Water Polymer Ammo for Airsoft Pistols?

At first, you need to know whether it is possible or not. Yes, you can use water polymer ammo/gel balls for airsoft pistols. We all know plastic bullets are more appropriate. But gel balls are also usable in the same way. Now I will describe the process of using it.

How to Use Water Polymer Ammo for Airsoft Pistols?

Now we are at the main point. Using water polymer ammo isn’t a challenging task. It is just like using plastic bullets. Let’s learn the topic step by step.

Step 1: Preparing the water ammo

It’s straightforward to prepare the water ammo. First, you have to buy dehydrated ammo. That ammo come in tiny sizes.

Take a bucket and fill one-third of the bucket with water. Pour the ammo into the water and wait for 4-6 hours. Then you will notice the ammo will be hydrated bigger. Water polymer ammo is ready to use.

Step 2: Fill the mag with ammo

Most of the airsoft pistols have the mag on the bottom. Press the eject button and take out the mag. Open up the mag and scoop up some water gel balls. Shake them to release all water. You don’t want to enter the water with ammo inside your gun. As there is a motor, water may cause harm to the motor.

Pour some water ammo into the mag and close it.

Step 3: Enter the Mag into to Pistol

Now it’s time to set the mag again at its place. Enter the mag into the airsoft gun and give a bit of tap using your palm to make proper contact between the mag and the gun receiver.

Your airsoft gun is filled with water polymer ammo now. Not it’s time to practice some shooting.

Warning for different positions of the mag

I have described the way of using water polymer ammo when the mag is on the bottom of the pistol. But different pistols have various positions of the mag.

Sometimes you may find the mag primer at the top of the pistol. In that case, you have to pull the lever to set the mag to the pistol. Get the instruction paper of your airsoft gun to properly fill the water bullets into the gun.

How to Use an Airsoft Pistol?

I have already discussed how to use water polymer ammo. But if you can’t use an airsoft pistol, then how can you use the gel balls? Well, it is also an easy task to learn how to use an airsoft gun. If you have no idea of using it or you can’t use it properly, then you must read this guide.

Step 1: Load the Magazine

I have already discussed the very first step. Again I am mentioning shortly. Just eject the mag, fill it with bullets and make contact with the gun.

NB: I have described the way of using water polymer ammo, but most people use plastic bullets. The process of using plastic and water bullets is almost the same.

Step 2: Learn how to slide

This is a tricky step for beginners. You need to learn to slide correctly. Just pull back the slide and it is done. At first, you will have to put pressure and may miss sometimes. Keep practicing and soon, you will get used to it.

NB: This is the process of slide of an airsoft spring pistols. Diffepistol may have different ways of sliding. But most guns use slide functions the same as the spring-powdered pistol.

Step 3: Hold the Gun and fire 

Get a good grip on your gun. Find the comfortable position for aiming correctly. Now put the index finger on the trigger.

Step 4: Aiming and Shoot

Aiming is a hard task. Hold your attention on the target and aim the gun perfectly at the target. Gently pull the trigger and shoot.

Make sure you practice a lot to secure your aim. Remember, perfect aiming can be achieved after a long of practicing.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned “How to use water polymer ammo for airsoft pistols?”

Final Verdict

So curious boys, I think you are clear with the topic, “How to use water polymer ammo for airsoft pistols?” Get a packet of gel balls and hydrate it. Just load the gun with ammo and try some shoot.

Before ending, I am providing some tips.

  • Never keep the gel balls inside the mag. They get dehydrated very fast.
  • You can store the water ammo in water.
  • Must practice becoming a skilled shooter.
  • Never try to hurt people or animals with water polymer ammo.

So, see you next time with another interesting topic. So, always stay connected with us and have a good day.