Damasteel refers to the type of a knife manufactured using a damasteel blade. This is a knife created using a Damascus knife.

To create a Damascus knife, it requires that the blacksmith press and weld two different types of steel into layers. The layers are then folded and pressed several times, more than 100 times with end result being a discus steel with peculiar patterns. In fact, this is what makes Damascus knife cut through any piece of material with ease,

Currently, there are many manufacturers who use this technique to combine 2-5 alloys and welding to manufacture a series of layered metal bars. The resultant product is then heated, folded and hammered repeatedly to create a blade which is then used to create steel alloys that are tough and durable. To make a damasteel, the two sheets of steel that are to be folded must have 14% chromium. This way, the manufacturer will be able to create a Damascus steel whose patterns can only be visible when the steel is thoroughly cleaned.

The Damascus steel must contain at least 14 % chromium. When prepared in etched acid and cleaned, the discus steel layers will be revealed. The two types of steel combined react differently with the acid during the oxidation process hence one is able to see the patterns.

Damasteel is a patented process that is used to make Damascus steel. It is registered in Sweden. In fact, the process of creating Damascus steel was developed by the Swedes per Billgren in 1992. The steel is then forged into a Damascus knife.

The process of making a Damasteel starts by having the steel atomized using a gas. The steel is them forced through a nozzle before it is aerosolized. The resultant steel is then forged into a spherical shape while the powder is then collected in a canister, bonded and compacted into a damasteel.

Damasteel comes in a wide range of patterns which includes Dden’s Eye™, Dense Twist™ and rose™, These patterns are all patented.

Afterward, the capsule undergoes forging, texturing rolling in a specific way to obtain the desired patterns. This phase of creating patterns uses special techniques. Damasteel comes in wide variety of patterns including ladder, (raindrop), – some completely unique and trademarked by Damasteel.

Damascus steel is not just beautiful to the eye; tilt is famous, strong and durable. If you are looking for high-performance high-quality steel, you need to consider Damascus. It has a distinctive visual pattern that is varied and which you will obviously love.


Damasteel is used in jewelry, watches, writing pens, gun barrels, buckles and a variety of other applications. Many well-known knife makers use Damasteel. They include LionSteel, knives, Rod Olson, and Brian Tighe.

Damasteel blades are used to make top quality stain free blades patterned that are manufactured using top technology. The Swedish made damasteel boasts of whirls and swirls patterns available in a wide range of dimension. The steel is a great raw material to bladesmiths, knife makers, and jewelers.

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