For many people out there, their knife collection is THE most valuable and prized possession owned by them and we don’t disagree. Knife collections are a sight to behold as we witness different handmade and exquisite knives each for a different making.

But every perfect and complete knife collection has to contain a specific knife, the hunting knife that’s more than just a member. It’s the star member. And if your knife collection is missing just that or you plan to add another one of these then now is the correct time to do so. And if you aren’t thinking the same, then here are a whole lot of reasons (read facts) that’s definitely going to convince you into buying a hunting knife.


Well, as obvious as it may seem from the name, these knives are the key to a victorious hunt. After getting the animal on ground, it’s very crucial that you have a proper knife to do the job whether you are aiming at trophy game or skinning the entire animal. Also, having a costly but high-quality hunting knife will make all the difference as the cheaper ones will get the job done but not for long. So if you want a hunting knife that will outshine others in your collection and still do its job well after years, make sure you invest in a pricier one.


These two are the main differentiated types of hunting knives and let us tell you, they are very competitive. Each has their own supportive arguments and will give you a tough time deciding between the two.

  1. Fixed Blade– This design is quite a trustworthy piece and will never fail under times of pressure when you need it the most. It’s also easier to clean. Thus, it undeniable provides strength and reliability more than the other type perfect for hunts or tough camping tasks.
  2. Folding Blade– Folding knives are the best option if you are looking for something easy to use and convenient to carry. It’s compact and gets packed in its sheath nicely though it isn’t as strong as the fixed blade ones but there have been advancements over the years.


Along with the two main categories of the type of blade, there are still a few other boxes that need to be checked before you invest in a good hunting knife whether it’s for the forest action or simply for your antique knife collection.

  • Straight-Edge Blade– These is handmade out of a one-piece sharp metal and provides you with a straight and consistent sharp cut.
  • Serrated-Edge Blade– These blades are inflexible at the bottom and so can be used in substitute of a saw. So, if you want to cut through tough materials, this is a better option than the previous.
  • Drop-Point Blade– These blades are thick and curved on both the faces and are the one to go for in case of skinning animals. In fact, it’s a favourite of all big game hunters.

Now, after deciding the type and the shape of the blade, as per your requirements, it’s time for you to turn your gaze to the handle. Ensure that the knife you are investing in has a good and strong grip so that it doesn’t slip from your hands whether you are cutting or stabbing.


Though this depends on the purpose for which you are purchasing the knife, generally, if you are going for a hunt, choose one that has a corrosive resistance steel blade.


There are various online sites that sell hunting knives all over UK but only a few of them sell quality products at competitive prices.  You can also get yourself a sheath that will ensure you don’t stab yourself with the knife. There are sites which not only sell beautifully designed knifes but also has authentic leather sheaths to go with it and all this at reasonable prices.

This best quality stainless steel knifes feel comfortable in your hand without any pinch points or sharp corners. There are also fixed blade knives that allow you to change the blade so you can take a selection with you or invest in a super convenient spring assisted knife that has the blade coming out just after the user gives a thumb stud or flip level.

So, having said all of that, you must now know why we are so keen on convincing you to buy the hunting knife and thus complete your knife collection (or maybe start on one). So boiling down to your tastes and preferences, follow this guide, choose the correct hunting knife and pursue your game.