Hunting is one of most relaxing and rejuvenating outdoor activities that you can enjoy on a weekend or over a holiday. When planning to hunt it’s important that you prepare in advance and select the hunting area .You should also purchase a great hunting chair so as to increase the chances of succeeding. The hunting adventure is incomplete without all essential tools. Most people ignore the hunting chairs before heading out to their trips. Hunting chairs and stools are essential to relax your legs and back. In my opinion you must grab your hunting seat before going into the woods for hunting.

However with so many hunting chair models, it becomes quite difficult to choose a hunting chair that will suit your personal needs. Manufacturers are also producing new models so as to keep up the market competition. As such, you must look at the same important features before making any purchase so that you don’t end buying a low quality product. To help you with all that, here’s a comprehensive guide on what to look for in the most comfortable hunting chair.

Convenient Setup

Time is a very important factor when it comes to hunting. In case you want to really enjoy hunting, then ensure you buy a chair that’s easy to assemble. A convenient set up will save your time and energy. Some brands have well designed camping chairs to fit quietly in the blind bags thus saving you time. Other chairs can easily be converted to a bag to easily carry them together with other essentials. Remember, any sound produced while setting up the chair might just chase away your potential PREY.


When choosing a hunting chair it’s important to decide on what suits you individually as well as the trip you plan to take. If you have an idea about the route or trail before embarking on the adventure, this will provide you with better choices on what to take. For obvious reasons, you should have emergency and important equipment like drinking equipment and basic first aid kit.

You should also be aware of the prevailing weather conditions and prepare for worst case scenarios. The chosen chair should be suitable for use in different situations and not limited by weather conditions.


Weight is another important factor. For instance in case you plan to take the chair on you backpack, and then don’t buy a heavy one. On the other hands, if you plan to setup for long trips, then a heavy chair will offer comfort. There are many designs with varying weight. Each design has its own specific use.

The variation in chair designs also affects the overall weight. Check the weight limit for the chair and ensure that you won’t put too much strain on it when in use.

Cost of the Chair

You should buy a hunting chair based on your budget since all brands have their own pricing methods and every hunting chair has its own price tag. Always compare the prices of different models to find one that fits your budget.

However, you should not compromise on the quality just to buy a cheap chair because it might hinder your hunting plans. Also, ask for the warranty and any rules regarding their money back guarantee. You can choose three models and then compare the features and prices that will suit your personal preferences.

Types of Hunting Chair

In case you want low maintenance, easy– to – setup models, then L- shaped versions must be perfect for you. These chairs are quite easy to use. In addition, they have internal supports and they easily folds into an L while on the ground. This makes them comfortable to use. However, you should note that these chairs aren’t as steady as those with legs.

Another type is the bucket-style. These chairs are lightweight and compact. They are also easy to setup made of tough materials to offer support. They are useful on uneven surfaces.

There’s also another type that combines the above. These models come in form of a chair that sits on the ground directly with 2 supports for the neck and back. These chairs are perfect for grabbing a luxury break when you are on a fairy long hunting expedition.

Construction Materials

Most camping chairs use aluminium materials for poles. The material is tough and great for dispersing weight. This will ensure that you are always comfortable when using this chair. Such chairs won’t rust easily, are lightweight and well designed to function for a long time. The fabrics used also differ widely depending on the manufacture. For instance, coated nylon is as regarded as the best choice because it’s tough against ripping and tearing. The fabric is water-resistant and offers great levels of comfort.

In case you plan to spend more time in predominantly wet or damp areas, the last things you can expect is having a soggy seat. Besides being uncomfortable, this will also pose a health- hazard to the users. The closed-cell foamed type of padding doesn’t absorb any water which makes it ideal for moist surfaces. As such, these types of chairs are specially – designed for use in wet or damp areas.

Lastly, always ensure that you hunting chair doesn’t produce any scent or even release some scent in changing temperatures and weather conditions. When hunting, you should always be as invisible as you can. Your prey might have a good sense of smell which calls for scent- free chairs to reduce any chances of being detected.


Finding a hunting chair mostly takes lots of trial and error. However if you are willing and ready to put the money and time in then you will definitely find something that suits you perfectly. The above guide covers all the important factors that you should put into consideration before making your purchase. By following the guide, you can be sure to get a high quality chair. Remember, buying a hunting chair is all about individual preferences and no one should influence your decision. Enjoy hunting!