Are you going to camping? Confused what kind of generator to carry with you? You must carry a quiet and efficient generator that is light in weight. We are discussing the kind of generator to be carried and feature to look for.

Different Types of Generators

Generators are classified according to the application. The classes of generators are discussed below:

  • Towable: These are industrial generators meant for construction and outdoor events. They are used in places where the power requirement is high. They usually run on diesel or petrol.
  • PTO: Power takes -off generators are used on the farm. The engine of the tractor turns the shaft of the generator to create electricity.
  • Stand by: It is used in our homes for the power back up when the electric power is down.
  • RV: These generators are used for powering RV appliances.
  • Recreational: Tailgaters and campers use these type of generators. Being small and portable, they are used for recreational activities.

Many brands provide you with recreational generators. Though offering different features, each of them has their own advantages. In terms of generators used for camping, Yamaha and Honda generators stand out as the most trusted manufacturer. The recreational generators from these well-known brands are of high quality.

Most important features of the recreational generator required while you are going for camping are as follows:

  1. Noise level
  • When buying a generator from the dealer, ask him about the noise level. The noise level is measured in decibel. Generator for camping must have the noise level in the range of 53-59 decibel.
  • Sometimes the range is mentioned in just a single number. When it is in range, it means noise level is ¼ and full load. Full load indicates that the generator is loudest.
  • The distance from the generator directly affects its loudness. 1000-2000 watt generator creates 50 to 60-decibel noise. Its loudness is equivalent to normal conversation.
  1. Power Output
  • The wattage measures the output of the generator. It is often given by using two output levels. Maximum and related power.
  • Maximum output that is produced by the generator is available for 30 minutes. Related power is 90 percent of maximum power. The generator produces this power for a longer period.
  • To decide which generator to go for, add wattage required for each device to power simultaneously. With the smaller generator, you can use one device at a time. More power is required to start the device than to run.

Generators used for camping comes in three sizes. Their classification is based on power output.

  • 1000 watt of power generator: Compact generators that are light in weight. They are best to power small lights, fans, smartphones, laptops and electric razors.
  • 2000 watt of power generator: They are best to power microwave ovens, heaters, coffee pots, hair dryers, and electric grills. They are light in weight. They weigh between 40 to 50 pounds.
  • Greater than 3000-watt power generator: Many devices can run simultaneously. They are larger and heavier. They weigh between 100 to 150 pounds.
  1. Run-Time

Run time is the time that a generator works to its full capacity before filing it again. Run time depends on the load applied, the size of the gas tank and efficiency of the generator. In the market, you can get generators for the run time of ¼, full or both load. Run time of the generators can vary from the mentioned specifications due to load draw.

  1. Dry Weight

Dry weight is calculated when there is no gas in the tank.  Dry gas weighs more than 6 lbs.  Always ask the shopkeeper about the dry weight of the generator.

  1. Parallel Capability

If you require excess power in your tent, then join the generators. It will give you the maximum power that is required.

  1. Oil Monitor

The engine of the generator gets automatically shut down when there is less fuel in the tank.

  1. Fire Safety Feature

Spark arrestor or muffler prevents from sparks. This feature is important to protect you from the spread of fire in the forest area.

  1. Circuit Protection

This feature protects the generator from being overloaded. It shuts off AC power output in the case of excessive or short load draw. Many models also have DC circuit. It will stop the DC output in the case a problem occurs while charging a battery.

  1. Fuel Petcock

Fuel Petcock is a small valve.  It controls the gasoline flow. It reduces the contamination of carburetor. By stopping the gasoline valve allow carburetor to go dry. You can flip the fuel petcock to the switch off.

  1. Fuel Opening

A large opening on the top of the generator is required.  It allows filling the tank easily. It prevents the wastages and less spilling of the fuel.

Benefits of Using Generator during Camping

  • You can run a fan inside the camp.
  • make a perfect cup of joe
  • To light your camp to protect yourself from wild animals.
  • To cook a meal for you.
  • To keep the mosquitoes away by using mosquito repellants.
  • To charge your cell phone and laptop in the case of any emergency

Well, don’t forget to take other stuff with you. You must cross check your stuff with backpacker’s checklist for adventures. The checklist contains pack & sleeping items like sleeping bags, tent, sleeping pad and day pack.

You must carry sufficient clothes according to the camping. Don’t forget to carry a pocket knife, water bottle, matches or lighter, sunglasses, sunscreen, and first aid kit. You can carry some other important stuff like binoculars, camera, lightweight towel, personal toiletries, and a camp chair.

Precautions while Using Generators while Camping

  • You must put your recreational generator away from your tent. Gas powered engine exhaust contains harmful gas carbon monoxide.
  • This poisonous gas can kill anyone within minutes. You and I cannot smell, see or taste this gas.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors or alarm near your generator.
  • Direct the engine exhaust of the generator away from your tent or place of residing.

Above stated are the features that you must look in a generator. It must fulfill all your needs. If you need additional information, read more.