Starting out as a beginner hunter can be daunting since there’s a lot of equipment you may need to stock up on. It’s important that you speak to someone with some experience, like a friend or family member who hunts or even someone in a hunting store, who can assist you with getting kitted out with the gear that’s most appropriate for you. Here are a few things you’ll need to invest in before your first hunt.


This is naturally the most important part of the equipment you’ll need to get. Of course, the kind of equipment and accessories you’ll need will depend on the type of hunting you’re doing: bow hunting or rifle hunting. For bow hunting, you’ll need a good, sturdy bow that feels comfortable to you, arrows and broadheads. Rifle hunting, on the other hand, requires your gun, ammunition and a scope. You can also try out Ruger scope rings to support even larger, heavier scopes. On top of your base weapon, you’ll want to invest in a good knife too. 


Now it’s time to scale up on the camo. Good quality clothing is a must-have as a hunter since you’ll be out in nature, facing the elements and otherwise unprotected. Thick, comfortable and durable clothing with good camouflage is your ideal situation, to wear over protective layers. Hunting gloves, belts, socks and boots will also play a crucial role in your getup, and you won’t want to skimp on that quality. Finally, your hunting backpack is one of the most important things you’ll wear on your trip and it serves an important practical function too, carrying extra equipment and tools.

Emergency Kit

Carrying a small emergency pack with you is never a bad idea, whether you’re hunting out doing any other outdoor adventuring or travelling. Your emergency pack should consist of a first aid kit with bandages and disinfectants as well as any emergency medication you might need. Your pack could also contain a flashlight, fire starters and snacks like granola bars or nuts. Being prepared (for the best or the worst) is always in your best interests.

Other Equipment

A few other things you’ll need to consider are navigation tools like a GPS device or a good hunting or navigation app on your smartphone. This is important so that you’ll always be able to find your way back the way you came. Wire cutters, bug sprays, walkie talkies (if you’re hunting with a partner), decoys, extra batteries and a power bank are some additional items that you might want to throw in your backpack.

Hunting is the type of sport where you want to be prepared for any situation, and make sure that you have equipment that’s well suited to you, your body, size and skill levels. Shopping for your first pieces of equipment with an experienced hunter is the best idea since they will be able to guide you and help you learn from their own past mistakes.