A lot of times I get asked to do a review on a product. I am hesitant mostly because I am not a bow equipment technician or junky. All I care about is whether a product works and can it improve my chances to harvest game. This review pertains to the whisker biscuit made by Carolina Archery. At the end of the review I will include a link to a very good technical review for those of you that just have to get into the nuts and bolts of things. Another thing I do is search the Internet and try to find out what others are saying about a product. It is no secret there is a lot of buzz about the whisker biscuit both pro’s and con’s. In the end for me all it comes down to is “Does it work?”

I was setting up a new bow and included the Whisker Biscuit . I ran my fingers through the synthetic fibers of the whisker biscuit. My first thought was that the flight of my arrow was going to be affected by the feathers going through the synthetic fibers. Still, I remember a couple of seasons ago I had patterned a big buck and conditions were ripe to harvest the bruin. After hours of research, scouting and preparation the time had come to sit in the tree. It was a cold morning and I was more worried about staying warm than anything else. The sun crested the hill and shined its powerful rays at my face. My body reacted with a big “ahh! That feels good”. I heard a trig snap and the buck I was waiting for came into my lane. I slowly drew back only to have my arrow fall off the rest. I must have pulled back 200 times prior to that and never had that problem. The buck bounced away and that is when I started thinking there had to be another solution.

I put my doubts aside about the whiskers and in minutes I started shooting the bow. To my surprise my arrows were hitting the target with great accuracy. I thought there was a problem with it because my carbon arrow didn’t seem to fit snug. After checking with the manufacturer documentation I found that is the way it is suppose to work. It was okay to see a little light on top of the arrow in the biscuit.

I also read on some posts that fletching can become wavy. That is true I did experience that but I didn’t see any degradation to my accuracy. It didn’t seem to add to the number of arrows I normally have to re-fletch through normal wear and tear.

I recently spent a lot of time shooting in preparation for a Colorado Elk hunt. I also checked movers near me. After hours of practicing my Whisker Biscuit doesn’t show any sign of wear and tear. If it does a replacement can be purchased easily for $10 or so. In a matter of seconds you are back up and shooting. My elk hunt provided some interesting opportunities that required me to be a stealth, invisible stalker. I had been walking quietly across a north-facing slope at 12,000 ft doing a cow call every hundred yards. A cow answered me. I knocked an arrow and crept over the top of a ravine. I spotted a spike bull. To my left there was a cow and calf. Another spike stood up. Not once did I have to worry about my arrow. It was safely locked in the whisker biscuit as I tiptoed as close as possible. I stalked the elk down the mountain as they moved into the dense forest. I didn’t get a shot at those elk. I never had to take my eyes off of them because I didn’t have to worry about my arrow. In an instant if the shot opportunity was there I was ready. I didn’t have to worry about taking an arrow off my quiver and getting ready to shoot.

The whisker biscuit may not fill the needs or every situation when it comes to archery. I don’t know if it is necessary for a target shooter. Certainly I don’t feel it would be any less effective than other rests a target shooter might use. I am a hunter and it definitely fills my needs!

I am looking forward to whitetail hunting this year. I have faith in my bow and all the accessories including the Whisker Biscuit. Now if I can just get rid of the human error!

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