When you hear the name TenPoint Crossbow, most hunters will recognize them as heavy-duty, durable, and reliable hunting products and accessories that match every hunter’s challenging nature and provide outstanding satisfaction. No wonder they are the leading crossbow brands and manufacturers trusted in this industry. 

For the love of archery and its nature, Tenpoint Crossbow has known premium-quality products and always a favourite for expert reviews or top recommendations. The company is not just a pure company owned by anyone. Precision, accuracy, and reliability run in the blood as Richard Bednar is William Bednar son, an Archery Hall of Famer.

Facts About TenPoint Crossbows Technologies

TenPoints Crossbows are strategically designed to provide optimum speed exceeding industry standard for FPS. For example, the crossbow Venom Xtra fires at 372ft/seconds. With tons of reviews and top product recommendations, you can take a look at these tenpoint crossbow reviews for references, best-buy, buying guide, and unbiased expert insights for complete product overview and read customer satisfaction testimonials at the same time. 

  • The ACUdraw 50 Cocking Device and ACUdraw are versatile to every hunter’s demands, style, and age for extreme bowhunting. 
  • It boasts safety engineering technology that supports a hunter’s hand safely when it releases the bowstring.
  • The Dry-Fire-Inhibitor (DFI) ensures your crossbow won’t fire without the projectile loaded. 
  • It has a quiet technology with auto-engaging security that only activates when your crossbow is drawn. 
  • Tenpoint Crossbows have an ACRA-ANGLE barrel that guarantees your fingers safety, away from any possible harmful pinch while you deliver your preferred accuracy when your weapon is cocked manually. 
  • The MIM active components perfectly work to provide a reliable trigger and smooth pull for enhanced efficiency and optimizing creep for added protection and security. 
  • It has an ACUdraw-ready Functionally Superior Bullpup (FSB), C3 Stocks, and Fusion S are crucial to stability similar to a shooting rifle. 
  • It has Zytel, Over-the-Top Limb, and LIS that isolates and separates limbs from straight contact to the riser to reduce sound and vibration effectively. 

Tenpoint Stunning Features 

Features are one of the essential factors that you have to look forward to when choosing a hunting product. Here’s what you’ll expect with Tenpoint Crossbows

  • High-Speed Hit Velocity

All bow weapons have a standard FPS (foot per second) rating. The rating ensures that the estimated time between firing and striking your bow is minimal. A 200 FPS is a standard rating, but there are certain games which require higher hit speed. 

Tenpoint products have far exceeded the standard rating and can fire up to 372 FPS, which or the record, is the fastest in the industry. 

  • Construction

Crossbows made of metal and woods are ancient. The best types of bows are made of premium-quality, durable, and tough carbon fibre or polypropylene materials. Most Tenpoint bows are constructed with these. 

Aside from accuracy, Tenpoint bows are lightweight, which won’t cause any arm fatigue when used. 

  • ACUdraw Cocking System

The patented ACUdraw system provides high-speed hit performance with draw weight which does not exceed 150lbs. It allows you to cock the bow with relative convenience as it utilizes a crank mechanism ideal for heavy lifting, this permits ease with the cocking mechanism. This feature makes a TenPoint crossbow a perfect crossbow for women.

  • Tigger Design 

All TenPoints crossbow products are strategically designed to prevent any possible injury and secure the user through its auto-engaging protection. The trigger design enables users to have a smooth degree of action and comfortable performance when firing; thus, it prevents any snag experience or possible safety risk.

  • Body Profile

Tenpoint bows have an explicit design ideal to match tighter locations, especially if you’ll be hunting in the wilderness. Some models can even be as compact as six inches with undrawn width. 

  • Scope Type

Scope type is a crucial part of any bow, and Tenpoint has mastered this category by providing accuracy regardless of the user’s shooting style. While there are different types of scopes; multiple dot reticles, single dots, crosshair and various reticles, the best way to determine your preferred range is to personally test to see which one works perfectly for you.

Benefits You Shouldn’t Miss

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits you’ll have with Tenpoint Crossbows;

  • It provides outstanding balance.
  • It is known to provide high performance with ultra-compact size.
  • It’s known for its whisper-quiet and energy-efficiency. 
  • It provides a pin-point precise shooting and guaranteed accuracy. 
  • The products ensure a smoother shot.
  • It exceeds the standard FPS for shooting bows. 
  • Powerful, lightweight, transportable, and compact. 
  • Its scopes provide excellent vision and accuracy.
  • Easy to use built-in cocking mechanism.
  • Durable and guaranteed longevity of use.
  • It offers superb value for your money.
  • It has features-rich safety mechanisms with excellent durable premium strings.
  • Conveniently low-maintenance and easy to clean.


The bottom line is, all Tenpoint crossbows are made with premium-quality materials, known to be conveniently easy to use, adjustable, and works perfectly to meet the challenging nature of bowhunting. Tenpoint crossbows are highly-efficient and made to match your shooting style and improve your skills.