Have you ever done fishing in an icy region? It is super fun, and if you are yet to bag this thrilling experience, believe it or not, you will remember it for a lifetime. However, it is also true that there might be a lot of challenges in comparison to what you had earlier enjoyed on the waters. Just imagine the chills hitting you constantly and still you need to enjoy the trip with all your heart and soul.

Just like you are bound to keep these factors in mind, you also need to ensure is that your trolling motor is able to survive the fierce weather conditions. If it is too cold, the motor might go lifeless and put an end to your adventure. So, what you need is a saltwater trolling motor that would keep your spirits alive and let you stay engaged in the action without any complications.

Despite, what would matter most is the battery of your saltwater trolling motor. Whereas, you must be highly alert while choosing the right trolling motor for ice fishing. So, here are some crucial facts that are to be kept in mind in this respect:

  • Is the voltage correct – The higher the voltage capacity of a trolling motor battery, the longer is its charging duration. Since trolling motors of 12V and 24V are suitable for normal weather conditions, they might not be good for ice fishing. So, a 36V saltwater trolling motor would work out to be the best as it would survive odd weather conditions and keep the motor charged for long.
  • Is the thrust power high – For boating in normal conditions, you might not require trolling motors of high thrust power. But when it comes to fishing on ice, you cannot have second thoughts in mind other than considering a marine battery with tremendous thrust power. Remember, once the trolling motor battery runs out of charge while confronting bad windy conditions, you will have troubles in making the motor move. So, requiring a high thrust power is a must.
  • Is there any overheating issue – Just because you need a high voltage trolling motor battery does not mean that you will let overheating happen. This is where quality matters. The trick is to stay mindful of the prices offered for the battery. If you find it too low in comparison to what you have found out from the surveys, just be a little alert and back out. Talk to an expert like trollingbatteryadvisor if you need some advice on good saltwater trolling motor battery.
  • Are the controls easy – Remember, it is ice fishing that would make it difficult for you to operate the motor with your hands. There is going to be ice everywhere and therefore, you must have good control over your motor so that you can fish around simultaneously. So, you can choose saltwater trolling motors with foot pedals that will be easier for you to operate. However, if you have earlier been for ice fishing by steering your boat with your hands, you can always choose motors with hand controls (you can click here for more detailed info).

Now have awesome fun and enjoy ice fishing like you never had in your life. Keep these points in mind and you will be safe.

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  1. Augustus

    My experience as far as ice fishing is concerned is very minimal, but it’s something I look forward to doing the more in the nearest future.

    Thanks for sharing this information.