It is camping season again. For many people, camping might seem like a nuisance. The bugs, heat, lack of bathrooms and worst of all no internet connection sounds like a dreadful prospect – but, in reality, let that not deter you from missing out on a wonderful experience. 

Camping is not only an opportunity to discover the great outdoors but also yourself. It lets you sit back and appreciate the simple things in life. The benefits of camping have also been scientifically proven. 

If that does not convince you then read on to find out how you can make the most out of camping this season.

Breathe in the Fresh Air

Fresh air is said to be an overused generic term but it is actually very beneficial. The countryside has more trees than the city which means more oxygen. Oxygen will cause increased release of serotonin in the brain and improves mood. 

The low level of pollution coupled with the increased oxygen is highly beneficial for health. You will notice improved function of the digestive system, immune system and blood pressure the more you spend time camping.

Bask in the Sun

Camping is a great source to soak up some sunshine. Most of us work indoors and are deprived of adequate vitamin D. Camping gives a great opportunity to bask in the sun which leads to increased Vitamin D production. 

This helps in increased absorption of calcium and improves bone health.

However, remember that too much of anything is never good. Protect yourself with sunscreen and hats to prevent sunburn.

Make New Friends

Though it is true that you interact with people on a daily basis. But camping allows you to be intimate with family and friends strengthening your bonds. Here you will have ample time talking, playing and enjoying yourselves without any distractions. 

Being able to meet with other people at the campsite from all walks of life is another perk of camping. You will be surprised by how sharing a drink or a meal can lead to interesting stories and lifelong friends.

Socializing helps relieve symptoms of depression, lessen anxiety, increase self-confidence as found by a study by the University of Dublin.

Catch on Some Sleep

Camping may be a sure solution for all us insomniacs. The day-long activities, setting up a tent, preparing meals is bound to tire us out eventually and helps attain a night of restful sleep. 

The freedom from any distractions from electronic devices coupled with the sounds of nature of the serene nighttime serves as a lullaby.

The natural yellow light causes the release of melanin which helps you sleep better. According to research by the University of Colorado Boulder, the natural light-dark cycle helps improve our biological clock allowing us to wake up early in the morning.

Exercise through Nature

We will always find an excuse one way or another for not working out. Whether it is at work or home, we are too busy to have some time for our health.

While camping, we are bound to do a lot of physical activities. Walking, cycling, fishing or swimming will increase your metabolism and heart rate. All this work out is great for your muscles, heart, lung and your soul. 

The benefits of camping on both mental and physical health is well documented. There is also an increased release of endorphins which improves mood.

Help Children Grow

In this age, children are hooked onto technology from an early age. Camping gives them a glimpse of nature and teaches them more about the outside world. No textbook can compare to this hands-on experience. 

Children are more likely to learn about the ecosystem and wildlife through camping than in the classroom.

They will face challenges such as setting up a tent and improve their problem-solving skills. By observing the local flora and fauna, they will cultivate an appreciation for the environment and nature. 

Besides learning, camping includes fun outdoor activities which will keep children healthy and improve their physical and mental growth.

De-stress This Season

It is impossible to remain stressed while lying beneath a starry night sky and enjoying the breeze. The relaxing atmosphere will calm you down and by the end of your trip, you can return to work with a fresh mind.

Challenge Yourself

When camping you realize the extent to which we are dependent on appliances to get our work done. You will face challenges that you normally wouldn’t in your daily life like setting up a tent, catching and collecting your own food or setting up the fire. 

Overcoming these challenges and solving problems sets your brain to active mode.

Camping also instills a sense of being prepared as you learn new things. To help you to prepare for your next camping trip faveable has a variety of gears and gadgets for a problem-free camping getaway.

Enjoy Nature’s Gourmet

Nature has a lot to offer when it comes to food. Fresh lake fish, fruits, nuts, wild game are all a good source of protein and vitamins. Since they are free from added preservatives and are fresh, they also taste great. 

BBQ food means they will be less fatty food options. This coupled with exercise during outdoor activities will improve food digestion.

Unplug From Daily Life

Try to avoid any digital devices during the trip for a better camping experience. Read a book by the lake, talk to family and friends face to face and you will realize how small things like this immensely improve your mood.

Afford a Cheap Getaway

The best thing about camping is that you can do it anywhere you like and at very cheap rates. There is no need to book tickets or hotels or plan trips to expensive destinations. 

But nonetheless, camping lets you have just as much fun and relaxation. You can even bring your pets which is a bonus point in my opinion.

Create Lifelong Memories

Hiking, kayaking, fishing, watching the sunset or rise, all these adventures will be part of your cherished memories. Even the small mishaps that you have can be the source of a good laugh when you look back and reminiscence.


Camping lets you take a break from your daily responsibilities, try something new and reconnect with family and friends. Doing activities by getting out of your comfort zone boosts your self-confidence and gives a feeling of accomplishment. 

You return to normal life recharged and ready to tackle new challenges. So get your gears ready and take your family camping this season for an unforgettable experience.