Night vision goggles are useful in a variety of outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy camping, hunting, spelunking, or surveying, night vision goggles can help. Humans are naturally diurnal; our naked eyes are not equipped to handle the low-light of even a moon-lite evening. With night vision goggles, however, these limitations fade way, and your setting can come into focus.

Night vision goggles are important for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. With their assistance, you can move safely and confidently over any terrain. Have you ever participated in a mad-dash down a mountain because a hike took a little longer than expected? Imagine if you had known that after the sunset, you would still be able to see your footfalls. The same is true for moving around a campsite late at night. With night vision goggles, you do not have to blindly shuffle over uneven ground. 

In addition to helping you move about, night vision goggles can let you glimpse otherwise elusive animals. While humans might prefer to sleep at night, many others do not. Some of nature’s most spectacular hunters prowl under the cover of darkness. This tendency makes it hard for a hiker or camper to watch their behavior. Thanks to night vision goggles, however, you can post-up and watch these amazing animals during their most active times. 

Beyond the Basics: Night vision goggles and their features

As useful as they are for assisting your sight, night vision goggles are a bit of a misnomer. Modern night vision goggles are multi-functional. They can do so much more than just illuminate the dark. The specific features of each set depend on a number of factors, chief among them: price. 

The most basic goggles often include zoom features and fixed magnification. This is particularly useful when hunting and surveying. Instead of having to observe the animal from a great distance, with these features, it will appear 2-5 times as close.  

More advanced models will take photographs and videos. These features can significantly improve your outdoor experience. Not only will you were able to see the majesty of ill-lite caves or a prowling wild cat, you will be able to capture the memory. Photo and video features make it so you can enjoy the activity of nature at night and share it with friends and family.   

Technical Considerations in Picking a Pair

Advanced models not only offer video and photo capabilities, they also have larger fields of vision. Thus, depending on your intended usage, it might be worth investing in a more complex pair. Thanks to these features, you could observe nature longer and from a greater distance. Some night vision goggles can help you see over one thousand feet in front of you. If you are puttering around a camp at night, this range of vision might not be necessary, but the other features might make the investment worth it regardless.

One of those features worth considering: battery life. The technical aspects of the goggles are important here. Different models have different types of batteries, and with those different batteries come different battery lives. Some goggles are rechargeable while others use single-use such as AA/AAA batteries. The battery life for rechargeable pairs is about eight hours (if used in the day) and five hours at night. Goggles powered by single use batteries will work for about six hours (though it depends on the exact model) before draining the power. 

The best night vision goggles have even more features than those listed above. Some night pairs are weather resistant, water-proof, and/or can be mounted to a tripod. Here, again, your intended use is important to consider when identifying your ideal pair. Regardless of your exact specifications, however, it is comforting to know that your investment into night vision goggles cannot be spoiled by a day of inclement weather or by forging a single creek.  

In addition to considering the features that you may require, it is also important to consider the type of goggles you prefer. Night vision goggles come in many different styles. Some are small and sleek, others are designed for longer wear and thus come with headgear and straps. Thanks to this diversity in shape, there is a convenient pair for your needs, whatever they may be. For light-weight hikers and campers, there are small models that pack easily and can be safely stored. For those planning on more extended use, there are hands-free models that let you travel through the night not only with sight but with full freedom of movement.

Many Features, Many Functions

Night vision goggles of every shape and have many uses and many functions. They are so much more than just assistance for seeing in low light. A good pair of night vision goggles, picked to match your specific needs, can better any outdoor experience. They provide peace of mind when moving over uneven terrain, allow you to see any creature that might be lurking about, and can let you share the experience with loved ones through photo and video capabilities. 

Night vision goggles are also durable. They are designed for adventure. Wherever you choose to go, your night vision goggles can come along. With cases, straps, water-proofing, and all the other features that a quality pair of night vision goggles have, yours are sure to last the test of time.

It is important to remember that investing in a pair of night vision goggles is more than just purchasing another piece of technology. Night vision is defying one of the limits of our own biology. While humans often have a natural discomfort in the dark (it is, after all, where our early predators lived) night vision goggles help you conquer that concern. Instead of turning in when the sunsets, thanks to your night vision goggles, you will be able to see the world in (literally) a whole new light.