Wicked Ridge Raider CLS Review – Compound Crossbow

Wicked Ridge Raider CLS ReviewKEY STATS:

  • Speed: 330 fps
  • Draw Weight: 180 lbs
  • Crossbow Weight: 7.0 lbs
  • Type: Compound

Wicked Ridge Raider CLS Review:

The Wicked Ridge Raider CLS crossbow boasts how compact the frame is without compromising quality and how fast and powerful the shots are without compromising the accuracy.  The Ridge Raider features the widely known Compact Limb System bow assembly that is award winning from TenPoint, making it a very attractive crossbow for the price. Like many other TenPoint crossbows, the Ridge Raider has been made silent, which is perfect for hunting.

There are several key features of the Wicked Ridge Racer CLS crossbow that make the crossbow outstanding, the first is the Ridge Raiders ACU-52 cocking system. This cocking system allows you to cock and aim quickly with this crossbow whether you’re a beginner or veteran. It has an amazing 3x Multi-Line Scope which assists long range shots of up to 30 yards. Using this scope will improve groupings of shots making it great for crossbow competitions. The Ridge Raider also includes a new safety feature to protect the shooter, which prevents shots being fired when no arrow is loaded. It has also been prepared to be the smoothest and quietest in the industry thanks to the technology used for the trigger.

One of the main issues with this crossbow from TenPoint, and that is the fact it is advertised as an out-of-the-box crossbow, but it does not come like that. You still need to assemble the crossbow, but it is not too hard as it comes with easy to follow instructions.  Actually, there is still a silver lining to having to assemble it yourself, as you get to appreciate the workmanship that has gone into the crossbow put it together.

It also creates a lot of vibration down the handle when shooting, which can be an issue for some people. To solve this issue you may invest in some vibration dampeners which will absorb the vibrations.

There are lots of good features on the Wicked Ridge Raider CLS crossbow which defiantly outweigh the bad overall making the TenPoint crossbow a great purchase.


  • The ACU-52 cocking system that aims to get accurate shots every time whilst reducing the effort needed to shoot by up to half.
  • The condensed crossbow frame that reduces the weight and helps with maneuverability when hunting.
  • The new safety element that stops accidental shots being fired when there is no arrow loaded.


  • You have to put the crossbow together the first time
  •  There are vibrations caused by shooting

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