Wyoming happens to be one of the states that respect individual liberties and are tolerant of knives. When it comes to general ownership and possession of knives, there are no statutory prohibitions.

  • 6-8-104 – Wearing and/or carrying concealed weapons: exceptions; penalties; permits

(a) Someone who wears or carries any kind of concealed deadly weapon will be considered guilty of a misdemeanor that is punishable by a fine that will not be more than $750, county jail imprisonment for no more than 6 months, or potentially both for a first offense, or a felony that is punishable by a fine that is not more than $2,000, imprisonment for no more than 2 years, or both if it is a second or subsequent charge, unless:

Deadly weapon to be defined as follows:

  • 6-1-104 – Definitions

(a) (iv) The term deadly weapon means, but is not limited to, a firearm, incendiary material or explosive, motorized vehicle, animal or even another instrument, device, substance or material, to which in the manner that it may be used or is intended to be used could be reasonably capable of causing serious bodily injury or death;

It is less than clear that a knife could be considered to be a deadly weapon. Wyoming laws do not provide that valid firearms permit when issued by the state of Wyoming or a state in which Wyoming has reciprocity, is a defense.

  1. S. § 6-8-104

(a) (ii), (Hi) Moreover it will also be a defense if the person would otherwise be eligible under the laws of Wyoming to be issued a permit (less familiarity requirement/firearms training).

  1. S. § 6-8-104

(a) (iv)

Wyoming concealed weapons statutes lists places where concealed weapons cannot be carried with a license. These are locations that include both elementary and secondary schools, universities, colleges, courtrooms and places that are licensed to serve beverage alcohol, etc.

Statewide Preemption – Yes. Wyoming law offers statewide preemption for the right to both keep and bear arms in general. Specifically mentioned are the firearms and weapons.

  • 6-8-401 – Weapon, firearm and ammunition and regulations/prohibitions by the state.

(a) Wyoming legislature will find that the right to both keep and bear arms happens to be a fundamental right. Wyoming legislature will affirm this right as being constitutionally protected in every area of Wyoming.

(c) The transfer, sale, purchase, taxation, delivery, manufacture, transportation, ownership, storage, use and the possession of firearms, ammunition, and weapons shall be authorized, prohibited and regulated by the state. The regulations thereof are preempted by the state itself. Except as authorized according to W.S. 15-1-103(a)(xiii) there is no town, city, county, political subdivision or another entity that shall regulate, authorize and prohibit the transfer, sale, delivery, purchase, manufacture, taxation, transportation, ownership, use, storage, possession or carrying of weapons, firearms, components, accessories, or ammunition except as specified within this chapter. This section shall not impact zoning or any other ordinances that will encompass firearms businesses and other businesses. Zoning along with other ordinances that are designed for the purpose of prohibiting or restricting the purchase, sale, manufacture or transfer of ammunition or firearms as a method of regulating firearms or the ammunition are in direct conflict with this section, which is prohibited.

Critical Dimensions: None.

Concealed Carry: There are no general restrictions when it comes to knives that are either openly carried or unconcealed.

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